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The Benefits

Most of us in the Western culture share a similar trait. When confronted with a new opportunity or challenge, one of our first thoughts is

Additional Reflections

Armed Forces Hymnal

Private donations and church denominations supplied hymnals in the earliest days of the United States military. The Act of 1920, also known

God in Our Image

“Name it and claim it!” Isn’t that trying to get God to do what we want? In other words, we want a

In Congregational Praise, we have a hymnal with roots reaching back to the days of Oliver Cromwell and Pilgrims. This copy references

What About Your Legacy? If you are a parent, at what point did you begin to think about the legacy you would

Great Songs of the Church

E.L. Jorgenson and Great Songs of the Church A man pouring himself into his work tells the story of E.L. Jorgenson and

You’ve surely heard or seen them. Possibly in your Facebook feed. At least at the grocery checkout. 5 Secret to Success. 10

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