Richard's Reflections

Life Is Temporary

Just a few weeks ago we entered into the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. Just now as I write it appears that the feel

Additional Reflections

Words of Comfort

When we think of words of comfort, we often remember our mothers. Or, we picture a mother speaking gently to her child.

The Benefits

Most of us in the Western culture share a similar trait. When confronted with a new opportunity or challenge, one of our

My Influence

How far reaching is my influence? All of us influence those around us. As a minister, I’ve known for most of my

The Presbyterian Hymnal, 1927

In May, 1925, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States created a committee to publish a new hymn

I Am Loved

I will tell you one of the most wonderful things in this world. Sometimes I’m at my computer working or playing a

I Am a Worm

Almost every week I tell my wife that I want to write happy blog posts. I want people to feel good. Why

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