This is some thoughts related to a scripture passage.

Life Is Temporary

Just a few weeks ago we entered into the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. Just now as I write it appears that the feel of autumn is here. The weather app on my phone shows me cooler temperatures. And my long sleeve shirt is comfortable. Although not a new concept, the term “autumn” is […]

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Words of Comfort

When we think of words of comfort, we often remember our mothers. Or, we picture a mother speaking gently to her child. Over the years, serving in ministry in a local church, I’ve also discovered the comforting power of hymns. Hymns of heaven bring hope when life gets weary. Then in times of grief, hymns

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The Benefits

Most of us in the Western culture share a similar trait. When confronted with a new opportunity or challenge, one of our first thoughts is “What’s in it for me?” We want to know the benefits to ourselves. Granted, it’s a fairly selfish way to look at things. But, our nature rears its sometimes less-than-beautiful

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My Influence

How far reaching is my influence? All of us influence those around us. As a minister, I’ve known for most of my life that people are watching. Sometimes they think of me higher than they ought. Unfortunately, some want to catch me in a fault. Hmmm… That’s not so hard! But, this is true for

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I Am Loved

I will tell you one of the most wonderful things in this world. Sometimes I’m at my computer working or playing a game, or I can be at the table eating or reading, and my wife will walk over and wrap her arms around me. She will then plant several kisses on my head. Seemingly

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I Am a Worm

Almost every week I tell my wife that I want to write happy blog posts. I want people to feel good. Why can’t I write like those smiling preachers who tell everyone that Christians should just be prosperous and happy? Why do I have to write articles like “I Am a Worm”? Oh, yes, the

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Wrong Turn

I’m a guy!! I get behind the wheel of a car and I know what I’m doing and where I’m going. Well, that last statement is a bit of a stretch. I’ve been known to make a wrong turn here and there. And, like many in my tribe, I’ve been hesitant to ask for directions.

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Count the Cost

I hear that many businesses fail. Someone has a great idea and decides to build a business around it. They obtain a loan, make purchases, and open for business. Customers don’t materialize fast enough to keep up with the mounting debt and the new business goes under. Unfortunately, the results reveal a failure to accurately

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Great Expectations

Perhaps you are familiar with Charles Dickens’ novel, Great Expectations. Pip, the main characters had expectations. He thought that wealth, education, and social status would help him be somebody. Unfortunately, he learned that this was not the case. Unfulfilled Expectations Many of us expect things in our lives that never come to pass. Perhaps, we

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