The Modern Hymnal

The Modern Hymnal has a copyright date of 1926. It was published by Robert H. Coleman. You can read the introductory material about the publisher by clicking Robert H. Coleman, Publisher of Hymnals.
This hymnal was published during the years that B. B. McKinney was working as a editor for Robert Coleman. When the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention purchased Robert H. Coleman, this was one of the hymnals that was re-printed by Broadman Press. It’s possible that McKinney himself wrote this Foreword.
Through the generosity of Bill Coen, I now own several copies of the Modern Hymnal and you can see that although they all carry the same look and copyright date, the title pages reveal this re-printing. Here you can see the earliest was printed by Robert H. Coleman prior to the company’s purchase. The other two were printed afterwards with one carrying the line “Successor to Robert H. Coleman.”
Interesting features include the printing of “The Doxology” and “Gloria Patri” just inside the front cover and “The Lord’s Prayer” and two “Benedictions” printed inside the back cover.
You can also see that hymns by B.B. McKinney are among the many songs covered in this publication.

Included within the contents of the hymnal are anthems, much like many of us have seen in the Broadman Hymnal. Not surprising when we remember that B.B. McKinney was the editor of the Broadman some 14 years after the publication of The Modern Hymnal. And, there are patriotic songs as are generally found in many hymnals today.
I also noted that the Responsive Readings are labeled primarily by the scripture passage that they include. Then finally, there is a full complement of Indices to help us find the hymns and responsive readings that we need.
There may be many of you who know and recognize this hymnal, The Modern Hymnal. Please share your thoughts and memories by Commenting below.
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2 thoughts on “The Modern Hymnal”

  1. I remember this hymnal fondly. It was ALWAYS an old copy that was well-worn. Usually these were relegated to basements as they had been replaced, but the old folks used them a lot or as hymnals in youth group where we didn't have access to the main sanctuary hymnals.

  2. Thanks, Rick. I'm glad this provides you with a good memory. I've seen a few of those "old hymnals" in boxes in the basement or stored away on the upper floors of a church. I'm so glad you shared.

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